The Importance of Athletic Recovery

The Importance of Athletic Recovery

The Importance of Athletic Recovery

Athletes, you know the importance of working out, keeping your body in top shape and pushing yourself to reach new personal bests. With so much motivation to break your own records and grow day by day, active recovery is at risk of being forgotten.

What is Active Recovery? 

Active recovery training entails lower intensity workouts, including walking, jogging, and yoga. Active recovery workouts can be performed in between HIIT training sessions and high intensity sports sessions, to break up your workout routine and keep you moving while you recover. Many athletes schedule active recovery days, where they focus on lighter, low intensity workouts rather than choosing not to work out at all on their off-days. The power of active recovery can also be enhanced with high-tech sports clothing designed for cold conditions, and milder climates, as best suits your needs.


Why is Recovery Important for Athletes?

There has been extensive research into active versus passive recovery techniques, and the benefits of active recovery for athletes.

Active recovery techniques are used by athletes who aim to keep their blood flowing and help muscles recover and rebuild after an intense work out.

How Can I Improve My Athletic Recovery?

There are multiple ways to improve your athletic recovery process. If you’re not already doing the following, give these pro athlete recovery methods a try:

  • Schedule athletic recovery exercises into your routine, and choose to stay active on your off-days instead of tending towards passive recovery days.
  • Try out new active recovery exercises until you find one you enjoy.
  • Try massage and hydromassage to help hardworking muscles recover.
  • Invest in athletic recovery clothing that keeps muscles warm and ready to work, between events.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Prioritize nutrition.
  • Stretch before and after workouts to promote athletic recovery.

The Game-Changing Coat for All Athletes 

Parcca coats are made for athletes, specifically to empower performance by enhancing the effects of active recovery. The Parcca jacket comes in two designs: the OKURA 350 is ideal for recovery in harsh, cold conditions, and the SUTRO 250 is made for milder temperatures.

Investing in sports clothing that makes the most of athlete recovery technology is one way to ensure you stay ahead of the game, and give your exceptional body what it needs to recover rapidly.

The Parcca is designed for you to recover, rebuild and restart.

Cold-Water Swimmers, Mountaineers, and Boxers

The Parcca has got your back, after every early morning swim, every time you reach new heights, and every fight:

  • Cold-water swimmers, rowers, surfers and divers, warm up your muscles after powering through oceans, lakes and seas.
  • Runners, grab your Parcca after endurance runs or intense sprints.
  • Judo practitioners, wrestlers and boxers, grab a Parcca to protect your muscles and keep you fighting.
  • Mountaineers and rock climbers, help your body adjust to changing temperatures with your Parcca. Stow it away in your free PAC, a light weight back pack made from 100% recycled RPET with padded shoulder straps.  
  • Snowboarders, skiers and cold-weather enthusiasts, the OKURA 350 is ideal for you.
  • Team players, give you and your peers an advantage with Parccas that keep your muscles warmed up and ready for use while waiting on the bench.

Parccas are also great for coaches and spectators, who are outdoors in all weathers to support their athletes.

Keeping You and Our Planet Healthy

Just as we work to improve our bodies, we strive to improve our Earth. Think of the Parcca as a mode of active recovery for the planet too. Made from sustainable, recycled materials, including the kind of plastic bottles that are thrown away every day, every jacket we create helps heal your muscles and our planet.

Recover, Rebuild, Restart 

Keep moving, and never stop chasing those endorphin highs. The Parcca is important to your own personal athletic journey and recovery. It will keep you powering through and protect you against the elements no matter how hard you fight, how long you train for or how harsh the conditions you face. Be your best.